Citizenship, Nationalism and Refugeehood of Rohingyas in Southeast Asia

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This book provides an in-depth investigation of citizenship and nationalism in connection with the Rohingya community. It analyses the processes of production of statelessness in South Asia in general, and with regard to the Rohingyas in particular. Following the persecution of the Rohingya community in Myanmar (Burma) by the military and the Buddhist militia, a host of texts, mostly descriptive, have examined the historical, political and cultural roots of the genocidal massacre and the flight of its victims to South Asia and South-East Asian countries. The UNHCR reports describe the plight of Rohingyas during and after their journey, while other works focus on the political-economic roots of this ethnic conflict and its consequences for the Rohingyas. To date, very few theoretical insights have been provided on the Rohingya issue.

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Nasreen Chowdhory and Biswajit Mohanty (Editors)

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Impresum : Singapore: Springer Nature, 2020
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Language : English

ISBN 878-981-15-2167-6


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1 Rohingya
2 Citizenshio
3 Refugee
4 Humanitarian Law

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