Understanding Southeast Asia

Subtitle : syncretism in commonalities

Abstract :
Understanding Southeast Asia points to the wisdom of seeking common factors that unite regional worldviews. This fresh and possibly more Asian perspective complements other Western-style empirical analyses that rely on differences to explain traits of the region and its peoples. In various ways, this book provides a context for scholarly works on specific places, technological studies and the nation-building stories of the new countries that make up the region. Beginning with the common origins of Southeast Asia’s peoples and languages, their shared heritage is emphasized through agricultural, archeological, cultural, geographical, historical, linguistic, religious and technological fields. Perennially defined by rice, stability and commerce, Southeast Asia has evolved a common trading ethic and morality influenced by China and India long before a short European colonial interlude. Historically known as a Golden Land, the region exudes a resilience founded in millennium-long traditions that are today expressed through local adaptations of world religions. In acknowledging the region’s integrated worldviews and tolerance of opposing approaches, this work will inform a new generation of Western understanding about Southeast Asian politics, decision-making and ASEAN. It will also support the young educated elite of the region to see themselves in a new and proud light.

Registration No : B2140
Author :
Lindsay Falyey

Edition :
Impresum : Songkhla: TSU Press, 2015
Description :
Language : English


1. 300 - SOSIO-CULTURAL COMMUNITY / 310.1 - CULTURE & INFORMATION - Culture and Arts

Keyword :
1 History
2 Culture

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