Sex Slaves

Subtitle : The Trafficking of Women in Asia

Abstract :
The Asian sex trade is often assumed to cater predominantly to foreigners. Sex Slaves turns that belief on its head to show that while western sex tourists have played a vital part in the growth of the industry, the primary customers of Asias indentured sex workers and of its child prostitutes are overwhelmingly Asian men. Here are the voices of some of the worlds most silent and abused women—women who have been forced into prostitution by the men they trust. This is their story, including the journey from home to captivity, the horrors of "seasoning" for prostitution, and the hidden life within the brothel.

Registration No : B1212
Author :
Louise Brown

Edition :
Impresum : London: Virago Press, 2000
Description :
Language : English

ISBN 1-86049-774-8

1. 100 - POLITICAL- SECURITY COMMUNITY / 130.1 - NON-TRADITIONAL SECURITY CHALLENGES - Transnational Crime (counter-terrorism, trafficking, drug matters, torture, apartheid)

Keyword :
1 trafficking
2 women

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