Politics in Asia: Singapore Foreign Policy

Subtitle : Coping with vulnerability

Abstract :
In the years following its traumatic separation from Malaysia, Singapore has risen to become one of the leading economic powers in Southeast Asia. This economic strength has carried it through the recent East Asian economic crisis, as well as providing the resources for an excellent defence capability. Singapore's diplomatic achievements include relationships with countries across Asia and Europe, and ensure its interantional status, Yet, despite this success, Singapore's foreign policy has continued to be influenced by a deep seated sence of its own vulnerability. Politicians from the first prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, onwards have focused on Singapore's limited physical size, potential domestic and international frailty due to racial tension and confirmed geographical location. These factors have combined to create a powerful nation-state which has never allowed itself to take its sovereign status for granted. Singapore's Foreign Policy is the first full-length English-language study of this subject and is an essential resource for all those interested in Singapore's international role.

Registration No : B1461
Author :
Michael Leifer [editor]

Edition :
Impresum : London: Routledge, 2000
Description :
Language : English

ISBN 0-4-23352-6

1. 100 - POLITICAL- SECURITY COMMUNITY / 110.2 - POLITICAL COOPERATION - Political Systems and Institutions

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1 Singapore
2 Foreign Policy
3 Politics

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