Paradise Found

Subtitle : Journey Through Noble Gardens of Asia

Abstract :
This book is a tribute to some of Asia's finest parks and gardens. The selection included within these pages reflects a diversity of landscapes from natural to manicured, elegant to wildly rustic, and everything in between. Each is exquisite in its own right, and is a living documentation of a nation's horticultural heritage, local plant species, design and architecture values, as well as a reflection of a country's spirit and appreciation for aesthetics. Among the landscaped environments honored this book are three of the finest gardens in Malaysia, namely the Lake Garden in Kuala Lumpur, the Putrajaya Botanical Garden, and the Sabah Agriculture Park in Tenom.

Registration No : B1581
Author :
HH Princess Soraya Dakhlah [general editor]

Edition : Special Malaysia Ed.
Impresum : Kuala Lumpur: Croos Time Matrix Sdn. Bhd., 2008
Description :
Language : English

ISBN 978-983-321-4037

1. 300 - SOSIO-CULTURAL COMMUNITY / 340.2.2 - ENVIRONMENT - Protection of the Environment - Nature Conservation and Biodiversity

Keyword :
1 Malaysia Garden
2 Tourism
3 Environments
4 Lake Garden
5 Putrajaya Boanical Garden
6 Sabah Agriculture Park

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