Parallel Trade in Europe

Subtitle : intellectual property, competition and regulatory law

Abstract :
Parallel trade occurs when goods are manufactured by one party (the manufacturer) and put onto the market in country A but are then imported into country B by a second party (the parallel importer). The manufacturer may have manufactured the goods and/or put them on the market in country A directly or through third parties, but the distinguishing feature of parallel trade is that the manufacturer did not intend the goods to end up in country B. Parallel trade normally occurs when the manufacturer sells the goods in question in both countries (thus the trade is parallel to the main trade organized by the manufacturer) but the price of the goods in country A is lower than the price in country B. However, it may also occur when the manufacturer does not sell in country B at all, or does not sell sufficient quantities there. The goods are typically described in country B as parallel imports or grey market goods. Understanding how EC law operates to restrict parallel trade involves exploring a complex matrix of different rules derived from the different fields of competition, free movement, and intellectual property, together with their corresponding private and public enforcement regimes, as well as the relationship with other external regimes. Author Christopher Stothers comprehensive treatment of the subject successfully casts light on this difficult topic and is set to become the definitive work of reference in the area.

Registration No : B2460
Author :
Christopher Stothers

Edition :
Impresum : Oregon: Hart Publishing, 2007
Description :
Language : English

ISBN 13-978-1-84113-437-6

1. 200 - ECONOMIC COMMUNITY / 240.4 - COMPETITIVE ECONOMIC - Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

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1 Intellectual Property

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