Myanmar: democratisation, foreign policy and elections

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The Myanmar poll results of 2015 has once again proved to the world that public opinion is unanimously in favor of genuine democratization in the country, democratization as epitomized by the self-sacrifice of its opposition leader, party workers, students, journalists, Buddhist monk population, young and old, against any-sort of a quasi/proxy military rule at the centre. Since 2011, the military-turned civilian administration in Myanmar has undertaken formidable changes on all fronts- political, economic and socio-cultural to promote democratic transition there. But freedom has never been whole-hearted, as there are clauses in the Constitution that still empowers and protects the military, favors their vested interests in the booming extractive sectors of the economy, and fails to adequately address issues of real internal conflict and tension, human rights violation against minorities and deters real participation of regional population in the overall development process of the country.

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Amrita Dey (ed.)

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Impresum : New Delhi: Pentagon Press, 2016
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Language : English

ISBN 978-81-8274-879-8


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1 Myanmar
2 Foreign Policy
3 Elections

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