The British Humiliation of Burma

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This richly illustrated book documents the outrageous behavior of the British government, driven largely by merchant and missionary interests, toward the Kingdom of Burma. It presents a very concise and useful summary of events surrounding and leading up to the three Anglo-Burmese Wars (1824-26, 1852, 1885-86), and investigates an issue long ignored or covered up by writers until now. What happened to the fabulous riches in gold and precious stones so shamelessly looted from the Mandalay Palace?

Registration No : B2938
Author :
Terence R. Blackburn

Edition :
Impresum : Bangkok: Orchid Press, 2000
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Language : English

ISBN 974-830466-3

1. 000 - ASEAN / 010.6 - MEMBER STATES - Myanmar

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1 Burma
2 Imprealism
3 Politics

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