Ancient Sites of Southeast Asia: a traveler guide through history, ruins, and landscapes

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Ancient Sites of Southeast Asia is the first comprehensive guide to the ancient sites and archaeological ruins of Southeast Asia. Designed to assist the adventurous visitor to the region, the book is also an armchair traveler introduction to over 532 of the most historic and visually engaging monuments across seven nations: Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), and Malaysia. In addition to background and descriptions of individual sites, the guide provides essential tips for travelers and an extensive reading list and glossary. The result of over twenty years of research and site visits by its author, architectural conservator William Chapman, Ancient Sites of Southeast Asia provides a succinct overview of the region many historic ruins and related sites. Its over 400 illustrations and 70-plus maps help bring these many sites to life.

Registration No : B3044
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William Chapman

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Impresum : Bangkok: River Books, 2018
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Language : English

ISBN 9786167339917

1. 300 - SOSIO-CULTURAL COMMUNITY / 310.1.1 - CULTURE & INFORMATION - Culture and Arts - Conservation and Preservation of Cultural Heritage

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1 Culture
2 Southeast Asia
3 Ancient Sites

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