Guideline On Integrating Climate Change Projection Into Landslide Risk Assessments and Mapping : at The River Basin Level

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The Guidelines for flood and landslide risks were developed with the intention to assist ASEAN Member States in conducting flood and landslide risk assessment. The Guidelines contribute to mapping of flood and landslide risks by integrating climate change impacts at river basin level. It is expected that flood and landslide risks as well as associated vulnerabilities to extreme hydrological events are identified more easily by conducting the Guidelines.

Registration No : B3169
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ASEAN Secretariat

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Impresum : Jakarta: ASEAN Secretariat, 2021
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Language : English

ISBN 9786236945148

1. 300 - SOSIO-CULTURAL COMMUNITY / 340 - Environment

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1 Landslide Risk
2 Climate Change

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