ASEAN s First Decade

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ASEAN First Decade presents a comprehensive analysis of problems and progress in regional relationships among the original five members of ASEAN between 1967-1978 as well as assesses the prospects for regional integration. Cooperation in ASEAN economic, social, and political sectors constitute the principal dependent variables of this study. The independent variables, the reasons and explanations of ASEAN problems and progress, are identified as several intra-regional and extra-regional elements. Some concluding assessments, such as the necessity for more decision-making power to be provided to ASEAN institutions in order to improve ASEAN cooperation, and the likelihood of ASEAN to remain a slow but steady organization, have proven to be prophetic in subsequent decades of ASEAN development.

Registration No : B3274
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Thakur Phanit

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Impresum : Bangkok: International Studies Center, 2021
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Language : English

ISBN 9786163410818


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1 ASEAN-History

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