Coping with Rapid Population Ageing in Asia: discussions on long-term care policy and cross-border circulation of care workers

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This book deals with two critical issues that accompany population ageing: long-term care systems (discussed in Part I of the book) and the cross-border movement of long-term care workers (Part II of the book), focusing on Asia, where the population is ageing at the fastest pace in the world. The book provides basic information that will be useful for further dialogue and international collaboration on improvement of the quality and sustainability of long-term care systems without leaving any older adult behind.

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Osuke Komazawa and Yasuhiko Saito

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Impresum : Jakarta: ERIA, 2021
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Language : English

ISBN 9786025460333

1. 300 - SOSIO-CULTURAL COMMUNITY / 360 - Health and Communicable Diseases

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2 Communicable Diseases

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