The Case for a Global Healthcare Partnership

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The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed inadequacies and fault lines in the healthcare ecosystem and the related regulations across the world. Countries are engaged in firefighting to save lives and to make available the essentials needed to meet the local demand. The virus that caused the pandemic has, however, shown the irrelevance of national boundaries and has necessitated a new global approach to adequately address the issues that have arisen since the breakout of the disease. Given this background, this discussion paper builds a case for a human-centred global healthcare partnership based on the right to health and health equity.

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Rajeev Kher
Arun S. Nair

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Impresum : New Delhi: Research and Information System for Developing Countries, 2020
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Language : English


1. 300 - SOSIO-CULTURAL COMMUNITY / 360.5 - Health and Communicable Diseases - Pandemic Preparedness, Risk Management

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1 pandemic
2 COVID-19
3 health

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