Modern Family

Circleline A man is laid from work and his wife becomes pregnant with their second child. The man falls into a desperate situation, but keeps it to himself. To kill time, the man rides on the subway all day long. A homeless woman with a baby, asking for money grabs his attention. Star Shaped Stain A year after the death of her daughter in an elementary school camp fire accident, the mother attends a memorial service with other parents who lost their children. Is her daughter still alive? E.D. 571 Twelve years earlier, a woman sells her eggs to pay off school tuition fees. A girl then appears in front of her doorstep, claiming to be her daughter. In Good Company A female worker faces an unfair dismissal. She gathers her co-workers to go on strike.

Category : Movies
Registration No : MU11

Author :
Kim Sung Ho (et al)

Year : 2012
Duration : 02:05:00

Keyword :
ROK Corner
South Korea
Kim Sung Ho
Lee So Youn
Shin Su Won
Hong Ji Young

Location : 0
Language : Korean

Availability :
DVD 1 of 1

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