The Sound of a Flower

Based on the real story of Shin Jae-Hyo and Chae-Sun. In 1867, Shin Jae-Hyo (Ryoo Seung-Ryong) leads the Dongrijungsa which teaches pansori (traditional Korean musical storytelling). A young girl, Chae-Sun (Bae Suzy), who wants to perform pansori, appears in front of him. Chae-Sun has dreamed of performing pansori since she first heard Shin Jae-Hyo perform when she was little, but Shin Jae-Hyo turns her down because women are not allowed to perform pansori. Chae-Sun then disguises herself as a man and enters the Dongrijungsa to learn pansori, but Shin Jae-Hyo does not accept her as his student. One day, he hears Daewongun (Kim Nam-Gil), the most powerful man in Joseon and the father of the King, is going to hold a national competition of pansori performers known as Naksungyeon. Shin Jae-Hyo decides to teach Chae-Sun who has a true voice to perform Chunhyangga. If anyone finds out that Chae-Sun is a woman, Shin Jae-Hyo and Chae-Sun will both face death.

Category : Movies
Registration No : MU22

Author :
Lee Jong Pil

Year : 2015
Duration : 01:49:00

Keyword :
ROK Corner
South Korea
Lee Jong Pil
Bae Suzy
Ryoo Seung Ryong
Kim Nam Gil
Lee Dong Hwi

Location : 0
Language : Korean

Availability :
DVD 1 of 1

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