Like a French Film

A time to Leave A mother of four daughters decides to kill herself. She spends her last three days with her daughters. A Lady at the Bar Two men begin to like a girl at a bar. The night of two men and one girl begins. A Remaining Time A man and a woman love each other. The couple happen to see a fortune-teller. The fortune-teller tells them if they are together, they will die. They have 100 days left as lovers. Like a French Film A man loves a woman. People tease him that he is an easy mark to her, but he never forgets the moment when he fell in love with her.

Category : Movies
Registration No : MU24

Author :
Shin Youn Shick

Year : 2016
Duration : 01:43:00

Keyword :
ROK Corner
South Korea
Shin Youn Shick

Location : 0
Language : Korean

Availability :
DVD 1 of 1

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