Beyond the Frame / Happy Birthday

Beyond the Frame Arisa is a poor little girl living alone with her amnesic mom, who is losing her memory. She barely makes ends meet by selling postcards to tourist visiting the beautiful Hua Hin beach. Her dearest wish is to have a camera and take a picture of her mom and herself together so that it can help her mom remember her. One day, Deng, a friend of Arisa, steals a camera for her from a pompous professional photographer, Somchai. Somchai realizes only later that someone has stolen his camera and accuses Arisa of stealing when she tries to give it back to him. Will Arisa clear herself of the false charge and fulfil her wish? Happy Birthday Seo-young, a fresh intern at a trading company, goes on a business trip to Hua Hin on her birthday. Her journey turns out to be full of twists and turns from the start; she misses her flight, takes the next one and narrowly arrives in Hua Hin, but then her map disappears and there is no taxy for her. Niran, a random young man who claims himself to be a taxi driver comes to her and she follows him but apparently, he is a jerky rickshaw driver who can hardly communicate in English. The sands of time are dropping ever quicker and Seo-young hysteric supervisor keeps calling her.. From smoke into smother, there starts the noisy farce of Seo-young and Nira.

Category : Movies
Registration No : MU55

Author :

Year : 2013
Duration : 00:23:00

Keyword :
ROK Corner
South Korea

Location : 0
Language : English

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DVD 3 of 3

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