Estimation of Interstate Migration in Peninsular Malaysia, 1947 - 1970

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This paper begins by discussing the principal concepts and definitions used in the study of internal migration. The direct method of estimating internal migration based on the record of the change of residence is reviewed, while the three indirect methods known as the vital statistics method, the survival rate method, and the place of birth method are evaluated in somewhat more detail. The place of birth method was selected to compute the lifetime migration of the eleven states in Peninsular Malaysia in the three post-war census years - 1947, 1957, 1970 - and the interstate migration during the two intercensal periods - 1947-57 and 1957-70. The results of the estimation reveal that, apart from the pronounced differences in the level of interstate migration among the eleven states, there have been significant shifts in the pattern of interstate migration during the post-war years.

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Saw Swee-Hock

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Impresum : Singapore: ISEAS, 1980
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Language : English

ISBN 9971-902-21-4

1. 000 - ASEAN / 010.5 - MEMBER STATES - Malaysia

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1 malaysia
2 migration

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