Professional Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs Management

Subtitle : The Malaysian Experience

Abstract :
Professional diplomacy and foreign affairs management are of tremendous significance to the community of nation-states. There is no doubt a real need to improve the knowledge and skills of public officers, both serving at home and in overseas missions, whose task is to promote and develop mutually beneficial political, economic, trade, social, cultural, scientific, and technical relations among nations.; However. it is the developed and industrially-advanced nations which appear to have taken a keen interest in professional training in statecraft. Newly-independent and developing counties, the small ones especially, have tended to neglect this important state-responsibility. This study attempt to show that against this background Malaysia stands out as an exception. It demonstrates that despite handicaps, the Government responded positively to the pressures for professional training in the public service. It sets out to prove that the Government not only recognized the value of professionalism and training in this sector of statecraft, but also demonstrably met this responsibility and requirement in the bureaucracy, inter alia, by providing the resources to this end.

Registration No : B1467
Author :
G. K. A. Kumaraseri

Edition :
Impresum : Petaling Jaya Pebanduk Pub, 1992
Description :
Language : English

ISBN 967-978-434-7

1. 100 - POLITICAL- SECURITY COMMUNITY / 110.1 - POLITICAL COOPERATION - International Relations, Diplomacy and Confidence-building Measures

Keyword :
1 Malaysia
2 Diplomacy
3 Foreign Relations

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