Between Rising Powers

Subtitle : China, Singapore and India

Abstract :
Geography has moulded Singapore's self-definition, much as it has shaped the contours of the rest of Southeast Asia, a region that lies south of China and east of India. Placed within overlapping Sinic and Indic zones, Singapore's entrepôt role has served both. Today, as China and India emerge simultaneously as rising powers, a port city is going beyond its trading role to engage them in political and security terms. This book combines diplomatic history and international relations theory to show how Singapore is facilitating China's and India's engagement of Southeast Asia.

Registration No : B1480
Author :
Asad ul Iqbal Latif

Edition :
Impresum : Singapore: ISEAS, 2007
Description :
Language : English

ISBN 978-981-230-413-1

1. 100 - POLITICAL- SECURITY COMMUNITY / 110.1 - POLITICAL COOPERATION - International Relations, Diplomacy and Confidence-building Measures

Keyword :
1 International relations
2 China
3 Singapore
4 India
5 Diplomatic
6 Politic
7 Southeast Asia

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