Reimagining Emerging ASEAN in the Wake of COVID-19: A focus on five key levers could both accelerate the region recovery and make the gains more enduring

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McKinsey research on emerging ASEAN countries explored a series of trends that the pandemic has caused or accelerated. Within these trends lie the potential recipe for recovery, but stakeholders must be prepared to reimagine their country economy. Five key lever - manufacturing hubs, green infrastructure, investments in digital, talent reskilling, and high-value food industries - could not only speed up the economic recovery in these countries but also lay the foundation for extended growth. COVID-19.

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Eoin Daly,Kaushik Das
Rebbeca Yeoh

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Impresum : [Singapore]: McKinsey&Company, 2020
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Language : English


1. 300 - SOSIO-CULTURAL COMMUNITY / 360.1 - Health and Communicable Diseases - Communicable Diseases

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1 COVID-19
2 Communicable Disease
3 Pandemic

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