A New Agenda For The ASEAN Regional Forum

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Examines the record of and prospects for Asia-Pacific multilateral security co-operation. Addresses a number of questions which include: the obstacles to the implementation of the goals of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) as laid out in the 1995 Concept Paper possible lessons to be learnt from other experiences of multilateralism and building linkages with other multilateral forums. Examines the role of ASEAN in helping the ARF meet fundamental challenges facing the Forum. Explores the turn to multilateralism in Asia-Pacific security. Reviews the ARF's agenda on confidence-building and preventive diplomacy. Examines the national perspectives of the member nations of the ARF. Explores the ARF's growing links with other Asia-Pacific multilateral force. Compares the ARF experience with the experiences of other regions, and asks what the Asia-Pacific region can learn from other regional experiments in multilateral co-operation. Offers a plausible agenda for moving the ARF forward. Includes conclusion and recommendations to reform and strengthen the ARF process in order to make multilateralism more effective in this region.

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Seng,Seng Tan

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Impresum : Singapore: IDSS, 2002
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Language : English

ISBN 981-04-6901-2

1. 100 - POLITICAL- SECURITY COMMUNITY / 120.5 - DEFENCE AND SECURITY COOPERATION - ASEAN Regional Forum - conflict prevention, preventive diplomacy

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2 agenda

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