Strengthening Health Systems and Access to Care: best practices in ASEAN

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This publication is a compilation of best practices employed by participating countries within various levels of healthcare to provide an insight into the needs and demands of their people, the shortfalls of existing healthcare programmes, the need for new ones, the positive outcomes post-implementation, and the lessons learnt in order to address problems of the future. This publication will focus on three aspects of healthcare systems, namely Health Facilities, Human resources for Health, and Service Packages.

Registration No : B2979
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ASEAN Secretariat

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Impresum : Jakarta: ASEAN Secretariat, 2019
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Language : English

ISBN 978-602-5798-51-1

1. 300 - SOSIO-CULTURAL COMMUNITY / 360.3 - Health and Communicable Diseases - Access to Health Services

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1 Healthy Systems
2 Health Access

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