Seven Hundred Years: a history of Singapore

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This book offers an assertive re-evaluation of that view, firmly situating Singapore starting point seven hundred years ago. Drawing on a multi-disciplinary range of archival, textual and cartographical records, as well as the latest archaeological discoveries, the authors cast a singular historical trajectory for Singapore over the past seven centuries, animating its history like never before. Written in a compelling and accessible manner, and richly illustrated with more than 200 artefacts, photographs, maps, art works and ephemera, this volume builds upon the foundations of an earlier book, Singapore: A 700-Year History. Extensively rewritten to incorporate ground-breaking research findings, Seven Hundred Years: A History of Singapore widens the historical lens and offers a vital new perspective on the story of Singapore.

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Impresum : Singapore: National Library Board, 2019
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Language : English

ISBN 978-981-48-2810-9

1. 000 - ASEAN / 010.8 - MEMBER STATES - Singapore

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1 Singapore
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